of religion. But try looking at the whole picture. Some of humanity's greatest science, art, and literature was also inspired by God.*

I think your not seeing the point friend, your retort that 'but everything wonderful around you is a result of the beauty of Jesus and God' is a non sequitur - the point is there is no god. There is no "jesus christ".Gesus & Jod are a fantasy - the Bible is fiction.

I know alot of people will consider this flamebait, but CoS, Muslims, Christians, Jews and the rest are participating in mass hysteria. Seemingly by will, it is important to note that all through time mankind has invented religion. Belief in the religion of your family and peers is a matter of chance - meaning: If you were born in India you would likely be hindu, if you were born in Italy; likely christian. All the while believing *your* religion was right - all the while *feeling* that you were connected to our image of God. Mass illusion.

The natural defense from a Christian (I grew up in a Christian household) is that some people donít have 'faith' that they should accept 'jesus' they need to 'feel his love'. Perfect brainwashing, transparent and obvious. For those Christians who are reading this now thinking "this guy donsnt know what he's talking about, he'll burn in hell, oh well - im going to heaven because I accept God as my saviour": Stop and wonder *why* you think this way *who* *taught* you to have these feelings/thoughts? If you had woke up one day and devised Christianity yourself, would it be as youíve heard? Have you ever played the "Telephone Game" in Grade school? Remember how the message changed by the time it reached the 'transmitter'? Imagine that thousands of years of person telling person telling person - do you actually believe what you hear could possibly be fact? Are you willing to accept this *fact* simply because someone has told you (all your life, literally) not to question the 'word of god' or 'his intention'? When you have a doubt - the patent answer is 'have faith, god will do as he sees fit'. Are you willing to accept that there is an omnipotent being, choosing yoru destiny, battling another ultimately evil being (satan) over the fate of your soul? That he is ever present (no beginning/no end (conservation of matter anyone?)) but he created the universe through an act of will in 7 days, that he occasionally appears to your peers to guide them (never you because you are not worthy), and 'mary' *was* a virgin? This all happened thousands of years ago - and you are going to believe it? You donít have to believe - do you - because you have faith. No reason - just faith.

If you could *INVENT* a religion: Would it look like $your_religion_here$? Maybe/Maybe not - but if you wanted your Religion to 'survive' and 'spread' would you not employ the above method as replies? For religion to spread/survive it must stand up to ages of people questioning it with reason, if a religion didnít reply "have faith" as defense for its 'shortcomings' - then it wouldnít survive. This makes the need for 'faith' and why religion also creates the 'faith defense'. All 'successful' religions have 'faith'. (my apologies if this is a nonsense ramble - it is a difficult idea for me to convey.)

Humanity as a whole should take responsibility for its actions; war, hunger, art, beauty, environment, anger, happiness, television, /., $allthethingsincludedinyourlastparagraph$, automobiles and bookcases are *all* a construct of man. Religion is the same, it is not a 'guiding force' or 'ultimate truth' of some kind, it is a fantasy that people teach one another. As long as we hid behind religion, we are making an emotional effort to dodge our own responsibility for our choices in life, when we collectively wake up from this fantasy - use our intellect to push through - and take ownership, instead of saying 'its the will of God/Allah/Whatever' - we can make the *choice* ourselves to improve our world, culture and lives.

Im finished being afraid and guilty (teachings of RCC) - I make every decision in my life for myself, I *own* all the consequences - and it is exhilarating. It scares me to wonder what my 'thought' processes would have been like if I had not abandoned my indoctrination.

See this link please

*Also, a great much of it was 'inspired' with heroin, cocaine alcohol and opium. Im not saying that they are good (nor am I saying they are bad) but *that* is the *reality* that always seems to fall by the wayside in history but co-opted by religion - its funny that way eh.