the people that run it and work in it have worked HARD to get what they have

Most of the people in the computer industry have no freaking idea what hard work is. Programmers are an overwhelmingly white, male bunch raised in comfy suburbs, from whence they went to college on someone else's dime, spent four years drinking and screwing, then straight into an industry that dumps options and benefits on even the most half-assed of them as though they were gods. Most programmers have never had to perform any kind of manual labor at all, ever, and if they ever felt like they were poor it's only because they were playing little independence games with parents who would be ready to bail them out if things ever got truly rough.

I'm a software engineer, and I currently do very well thankyouverymuch. There are people who've had it a lot rougher than me, but I can at least claim to've spent time outside the "reality distortion bubble" in which programming is done and I never forget what it was like. I am constantly amazed and dismayed at how many programmers act like the salaries and working conditions in this industry are normal. Here's a clue, folks. The median household - not personal - income is considerably lower than the median starting salary for a software engineer coming out of college, who is probably single and generally has zero years of real-world experience. Most people don't get stock options. Most people don't even get flex time. They get their own cube if they're lucky, and dream of some day having their own office. Anyone with the tiniest shred of intellectual honesty would admit that we in this industry are unbelievably fortunate and privileged by any sane standard.

Work hard, my ass. I've worked far harder than most people around me to get where I am, and it's still nowhere near as hard as regular folks have to work to get even half as much. Get real.