Descriptions of games:

Game 1 (22 August 2000)
A little endgame study, prepared for presentation in the Yahoo message-board endgame thread.
Game 2 (27 July 2003)
A fairly typical example of my opening style, with a very atypical attack at the end.
Game 3 (25 November 2003)
A fairly quick game, illustrating the queenside-attack potential of what seems like an innocuous Caro-Kann. It's not every day I get to stomp a 1500+ player this badly.
Game 4 (16 January 2004)
Starts out pretty typically, then has some interesting passed-pawn play at the end.
Game 5 (18 January 2004) which I gain material, give it back, get myself all tied up, and finally show how to deal with an overconfident attacker.
Game 6 (19 January 2004)
A fairly generic game except for an unexpectedly sudden ending which demonstrates a common vulnerability.
Game 7 (15 February 2004)
A defensive stand followed by an endgame demonstration.
Game 8 (5 November 2004)
Generally a sloppy game, but with some interesting themes.

The first game is available in several forms. Subsequent games use a JavaScript-based viewer.