Update on Ceph vs. GlusterFS

Since my last post has generated a bit of attention, I want to make sure the most important parts are not lost on anyone. First, let me reiterate: I love Ceph. I value Sage as a colleague and as an ally in the real fight. It would sadden me greatly if my comments had an adverse effect on that relationship. Partly I was writing out of frustration at being constantly compared to a vision. I can’t test a vision. The promise is there, but I can only test the reality. Partly I was also writing out of disappointment, because I know Ceph can do better. I have total faith in the quality of their architecture, and in the talent of their team. If there are glitches, they can be fixed. Maybe I’m trying to light a fire under them, but I don’t intend for anyone to get burned.

Second, how about that real fight? As I said, Ceph and GlusterFS are really on the same side here. The real fight is against proprietary storage, non-scalable storage, and functionally deficient storage. Users deserve better. As I’ve said in person many times, we have to win that battle before we squabble over spoils. The Bad Guys will laugh themselves silly if we tear each other apart. Ceph folks, if I have given offense I apologize. That was not my intent. I want us both to win, but to win we have to be honest with users about where we’re strong and where we still need to improve. So let’s measure, and improve, and kick some storage-industry ass together.