The last two comments here have been from uncles. Ted (from my side), meet Skip (from Cindy’s). Skip, meet Ted. I think you guys will get along great. If the family’s showing up in force, that probably means I’m way overdue to post something about Amy. It just so happens that last night I finally had the time and energy to process some of the video from our trip to Michigan between Christmas and New Year, so I’ll post those now. Some time in the next few days I’ll write some more about how she’s doing, and maybe post some newer still pictures as well. Click below to see thumbnails and descriptions of the video.

Amy and her new toy Amy pulling her new duck toy (516KB). “Duck” is now one of her favorite words.
Amy playing around a table Amy playing around a table in the solarium at Mom’s apartment building (1.7MB). Most of the audio has been deleted to preserve the privacy of people talking in the background.
Amy climbing onto a bench Amy climbing onto a bench, again at the solarium (1.7MB). She can now climb onto most chairs at home too, but not onto the bed.
Amy stretching her back This is kind of a combination of several good Amy moments (1.7MB). First, she stretches her back on a chair at Kevin’s place, then she gives a great shout of glee as she rushes to give Cindy a hug. The quality on this video is poorer than usual, but it’s worth it anyway.
Amy's thumb Amy showing that she knows a new word (1.5MB). I’m frequently surprised (and delighted) when she demonstrates knowledge of a new word, sometimes one that she can’t have heard more than a couple of times. More about that tomorrow. Anyway, this is the only instance of such a discovery that I have on video.