If you’re reading this, it means you’ve arrived at the site’s new home. In a nutshell, I’ve changed hosts from TotalChoice to Site5. Why? Maybe it has something to do with the ever-decreasing reliability, culminating in a near-total outage since Friday. Fortunately I took a backup over my weekend, because I haven’t been able to reach the old site today at all. The only reason I’d want to at this point is to retrieve any emails for the last couple of days. Other than that, I’m done with TotalChoice. They were great for a while, but I’ve come to the conclusion that web hosts are consumable (rather than durable) commodities. If they’re any good at all, then over time they’ll get more customers and their servers will become overloaded. Then the one guy with a clue (there’s always exactly one) leaves, and now you’re stuck with a bunch of overloaded servers and nobody who knows how to run them. Time to move on.

Let’s see how long this one lasts.