The first few are from our July 15 trip to a farm originally for cherry-picking, changed to raspberry-picking when we found that cherry-picking season had just ended. They also had a fairly extensive petting zoo.

Amy picking raspberries Amy picking raspberries. There’s nothing quite like good fresh raspberries, except maybe good fresh blackberries.
Amy eating a raspberry Might as well enjoy the (literal) fruits of one’s labor. I’m sure they expect customers to carry away a substantial fraction of what they pick in their bellies.
Amy feeding a llama Yes, really, that’s Amy feeding a llama. They also had goats, deer, peacocks and others, and they had little coin-operated feed dispensers.

The next set is from the previously mentioned Ann Arbor Hands On Museum, which we visited while we were in Michigan. I don’t know how we managed to miss this on previous trips. It’s barely a block from my mother’s apartment, and not exactly subtle. I guess I’d walked by it a dozen times, sort of known it was there, but never given it much thought. As it turns out, it was a fantastic place to take Amy. Their website gives the overview, but here are some of the things we particularly enjoyed.

Amy and a tornado This is a little artificial tornado that they had set up near the lobby. Pictures can’t convey how cool that is. If I ever start my own company, I’m putting one of these in the lobby.
On the second floor, they had a separate area for kids four and under (I think) and within that another area for the not-yet-walkers. I’m sure other parents will appreciate how nice that is. This fire engine, along with jackets and hats, was in the toddler section.
Internet TOOBZ This internet really is a series of tubes. You basically put in balls to represent a one-character “packet” (yes, ASCII) at one end, then it pops through the “routers” to the other end. Networking geek that I am, I figured out that the network did not include any features to prevent bit reordering. Balls would always enter a router at the top and exit at the bottom. If a ball got stuck somehow, another ball that took a different path could overtake it. Sure, the balls are spaced far enough apart that the odds are extremely low, but it could happen. I think a version that did solve the reordering problem would be feasible.

Tomorrow, I’ll have a couple of pictures from this month.