There are some pictures “below the fold” but first, some examples of Amyspeak.

  • Apparently if there’s a waterfront then there must be a “waterback” somewhere as well. She kept asking about it.
  • Flippers are “duck slippers” at least some of the time.
  • “Flatting the jellyfish” is a very cute term for squishing a little bit of clay.

There’s one more, my favorite in fact, but it won’t make sense until after the pictures.

on the porch Our cabin had a little porch, which is where we hung out most of the time between meals and other activities. Here’s the best picture of Amy playing there. She looks so grown up.
sand chair Enjoying a “sand chair” I made at the waterfront.
decorating Mommy “Decorating” Cindy with sand. A similar trick was to take a “pretzel” made out of two intertwined pool noodles and put “salt” on it.
best friend Amy with her “best friend” – a little stuffed pig that lived in the sports-equipment shed for silly games. She’d play with it, feed it, even tuck it in, much to the amusement of anyone else who happened to be around.

OK, now about that pig. One of the many times that we were walking from our cabin down to the sports field, Amy commented that the pig was crying. I asked why, so she explained:

Because he doesn’t have a Mommy and Daddy pig.