I went to the Tech Field Day party at Fenway Park last night, and have to say I had a great time. I got to meet Stephen Foskett, Greg Knieriemen, Greg Ferro, Robin Harris, and many others. (I mention those four specifically because they’re people with whom I had interacted significantly online without having met them FTF.) None of them particularly seemed to want to throw me over the railing, though Greg and I did almost get into a discussion of iSCSI vs. FC at one point. I got to see an iPad for the first time. I also particularly enjoyed talking to some of the folks from Akorri and Data Robotics. The basic concept of getting bloggers – oops, I meant “independent thought leaders” – together to talk both to one another and to vendors without the usual six layers of filtering seems to have worked out extremely well. Thanks to Stephen and to everyone else who was involved for the chance both to learn and to evangelize some of my own ideas.