Here’s a bit of text that not many people get to see in its proper context:

Excellent work, mighty frog one! You obtained
your lawful place of the stars, at the side of the
ancient ruler of the Zuma. In the future, as for me,
you are known as our sibling. I will call you
brother, and we control the outer space together!
It is joyous news! Now we are to the dance!

That fractured language is from the final screen of Zuma Deluxe, which is the most addictive game I’ve seen. My brother Kevin got me into it over a year ago, and it has taken this long to complete the final challenge. It’s not that I play all the time, of course. I do have a few other things to occupy my time – like family life, work, online writing/discussion here and elsewhere, reading, etc. It still took a lot of practice, though, and finishing such a difficult game does feel like an accomplishment. Maybe I’ll provide some tips for other people who’ve been hooked.