Today’s topic is breaking software with “upgrades”. Did you read my previous whine about Joust? Well, now has “upgraded” their games section. Along the way, the high-score lists disappeared. They added a rating functionality which spits out an error when you try to use it, but it doesn’t matter because there’s no way to see games’ ratings anyway. Worst of all, they “upgraded” the game engine itself so that it runs at different speeds on different hardware, meaning that it’s so insanely fast on my desktop machine at work that it’s practically unplayable. Elsewhere, has “upgraded” their site, so now it’s just totally broken. I can’t even reach it now. My website hosts seem to be having trouble, too; web service works, but email and telnet logins don’t work.

Nice going, shockwave and slashdot. You just have no idea how much your users appreciate the way you break stuff that was working before. You just have no clue…period.