The next time I find a web message board that glitches out when I try to post, and then – here’s the important part – throws away my text when it gets the error so I have to start all over from scratch, I swear I’m going to DoS both the forum site and the site for whoever wrote the software. Today’s offender is the Manifest Destiny Forum, but there’ve been many others. BTW, Ron Hiler comes across a total Nazi, constantly posting “that’s just the way it is” kinds of responses and moderating just about every section/thread in the forum. As a (predictable) result, all of the posts seem to have a similar “Civ sux, MD roolz” flavor; I don’t know why I even wanted to bother posting in such an environment.

Yeah, I know, it’s a common enough problem that I should always save my text in an editor window somewhere before I hit the “submit post” button, but sometimes I forget, OK? That’s no excuse for wasting the time I took to write what is very often a thoughtful and detailed post.