In the past, I have enthusiastically used and recommended NetCaptor as a Windows browser, despite the spyware that used to come bundled with the free version. As of version 7.0, though, I can no longer recommend it. I’m a software engineer, I know what “beta” means, and I still cannot recommend anything to the public even as a beta that (a) periodically sucks up all memory in the system and (b) is possessed by the minimize/exit popup menu from hell which turns every click anywhere on the Windows task bar into a game of Whack-A-Mole. The author’s response to my reports of these problems has only further eroded my confidence in the product’s direction.

As a result, NetCaptor has now been uninstalled on my systems, replaced by the almost functionally identical Crazy Browser. CB has its own eccentricities (links toolbar in reverse order, pages opened from favorites always open in a new tab regardless of how options are set) but so far it has not threatened to drive me into a homicidal rage like the latest versions of NC were doing…and the CB developers so far seem much more responsive to feedback. The king is dead; long live the king.