I wonder what the long-term effects are of having comments eaten by web-based discussion forums. I’ve complained about it here in the past, I’ve had it happen this week on Joel on Software, and it just happened to me on Slashdot. I almost never recreate the entire post that was eaten. Sometimes a shorter post might take its place, more often I just move on to some less aggravating activity. My pithy wit and wisdom…stop laughing, there in the back! My, errr, valuable input is lost to the community that I had hoped to enlighten. How many times a day does this happen, on every forum site? How much more likely is it that a long post (which took a long time to write, during which time anything could happen) will be lost, compared to a one-line response devoid of serious thought? Over time, how much does this bias net behavior in favor of the one-line responses devoid of serious thought?