I’ve put up some pictures from this weekend’s trips. Sharon’s pictures are here, and my own are here; clicking on a picture on either page will load a larger version. For those with slow connections who need to be careful about large images, here are some stats:

  • Sharon’s images: 1024x768x24, 100% quality, 213-584 KB each
  • My linked images: 800x600x24, 90% quality, 64-221 KB
  • My originals (send me email): 1600x1200x24, 100% quality, 1062-1712 KB each

I’ll post the crab-dip recipe when I get home. Thanks, all, for making this a great trip, and for helping Cindy and me celebrate our sixth anniversary (even if you didn’t know that’s what we were doing).

The crab-dip recipe is the last one on this list from last year. I figured people might like some of the others as well.