Cindy and I went to see the Leonard P. Zakim Bunker Hill Bridge – the most visible part so far of the infamous Big Dig (officially Central Artery/Tunnel Project). We weren’t alone; about 200,000 other folks waited in the rain for hours – two of them, in our case – to see it. It was pretty cool. There would normally be no provisions for pedestrian traffic (an odd oversight, if you ask me) so this was a rare opportunity to see up close and personal how the bridge is put together.

Afterward, we went for an early dinner at Ajanta, an Indian restaurant right near where we both work (and had parked for our trip to the bridge). Normally I wouldn’t bother telling the world where I had dinner, except that the food was amazing. My tastebuds have gotten pretty jaded over these many years, but they were getting up and dancing for this food. It was just that good. If you ever happen to find yourself in the Kendall/Cambridgeside/Lechmere area with a hankering for Indian food, I can highly recommend Ajanta as a destination.