The reason for the lack of updates here is very simple: Cindy and I spent the weekend hiking and backpacking in the White Mountains, far from any computers. In fact, other than offering to host pictures here on the website (soon), I pretty much didn’t even think or talk about computers at all. Yes, it felt weird once I realized it.

So, you ask, how was the trip? Well, Saturday was awesome. We hiked, with full packs, up the Falling Waters trail and along the Franconia Ridge to Mt. Lafayette, and then down to the AMC Greenleaf hut. Carrying a load over that kind of distance and elevation gain can be a bit of a chore, but we had a really good group of people and the weather was wonderful – an amazing thing, in an exposed place notorious for constant wind and sudden rain – so it wasn’t too bad. The weather was also excellent for yesterday’s hike out. In between, though…well, to be frank, Sunday kind of sucked. The plan was to go back over the summit of Lafayette (there’s no summit-bypass trail on this one) and across another ridge to Mt. Garfield. This is a particularly challenging up-and-down bit of trail even by White Mountain standards. In our case, we were walking on soft post-holey snow about half the time, without the level-terrain benefit that usually comes with hiking on snow, and we got pretty well soaked very early on the trip. That’s the point where I discovered that some of my gear – most notably my boots – was not nearly as waterproof as it should have been. “Gore-Tex, my ass” was a frequent refrain as I squished along. When we got to Garfield there was pretty much nothing to see, so we just turned around and trudged back. It’s one of those days where the journey is most assuredly not the reward; the reward is looking back after you’ve done it and feeling that warm glow that can only come from knowing that yes, you are most assuredly one damn tough son of a bitch.

Tough or not, though, my feet hurt. A lot. Not so much that I can’t kick any simpering desk-potato’s ass with them, but quite enough thankyouverymuch. Ow.