Sometimes it’s nice to know people are reading stuff I write here. Other times it’s not so nice. Supposedly in response to my previous article about multithreading, David McCusker wrote this:

He seems to think I don’t already plan hybrid solutions. Why is that? But I guess it’s easy and simple to assume everyone else is stupid.

Well, David, I apologize. No offense was intended. I didn’t mean to imply anything about your own work, and certainly not that you’re stupid; until now I hadn’t realized such an interpretation was even likely. I thought my jab at Paul Graham was pretty clearly a way of poking fun at such attitudes, but apparently I was mistaken. In the future, I’ll try to show more respect for others’ work, instead of assuming that everyone else who has ever worked on networking or data storage got it wrong and my project will reveal the One True Way. Such hubris is truly obnoxious, and I thank you for the warning.