As you’ve probably noticed already, the site has a new look. This is the culmination of two days of steady hacking. I used to have a home-grown content management system (unnamed) and a home-grown comment system (“PlatSpot”); now I’ve combined the two. Here are some of the technical changes:

  • The content-management code was changed to use (a slightly modified version of) the comment-system database.
  • The comment-system code was changed to store entries (but not comments) in the content-management directory tree.
  • A bunch of stuff was moved out of scripts and into templates.
  • All scripts were changed to make consistent use of the templates.

All well and good, but what does that mean to you, the reader?

  • Most importantly, every entry I make now has a “comments” link (look at the bottom right). Visually it’s a tiny little change, but it’s pretty huge in terms of how the site works.
  • Some important forms of backward compatibility have been maintained. Old links should still work, and old PlatSpot identities should still be valid. The “nogeek” and tunable-RSS features should be intact.
  • Layout and navigation should be much more consistent across the weblog/comment areas of the site.
  • All sorts of visual stuff changed.
  • I’ve tried to test this as well as I can, but there are probably still some bugs. Feel free to leave any bug reports or feedback as a comment on this entry, or send me email if you must.