Derk Lupinek has apparently taken my advice that, if he can’t live up to basic standards of decorum here, he post his arguments on his own site. I can see why he felt the need to do so, because he’s reached a new low in distortion and misrepresentation of my views and must have realized that I would not tolerate it here. Hospitality has limits.

The list of untruths is so long that I’m not even going to bother enumerating them. Suffice it to say that, at just about every point in his article where he says “Jeff believes…” or “Jeff says…” or anything similar, he’s lying. Go ahead and check the original thread to compare for yourself what I said vs. how he presents it.

Congratulations, Derk. You’ve managed to slither even lower than Den Beste, and do a better job demonstrating the moral bankruptcy of your ideology than I ever could have. It’s too bad you didn’t feel up to answering what I really said, and felt the need to construct a convenient straw-platypus instead.