I just reacquainted myself with the Political Compass, which makes almost the same left/right and libertarian/authoritarian distinctions I’ve been making here. I say “reacquainted” because I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it before, but I didn’t have a bookmark or anything for it. In any case, I decided to re-take their test to see where I supposedly fell in their two-dimensional matrix.

It would probably surprise nobody who’s been reading lately to hear that I came out on the left side of the line…but just barely. I registered much more strongly as libertarian on the other scale. If I can’t be considered centrist it’s because of those latter tendencies, not because of a very slight leftward tilt. On the main graph that puts me pretty close to Gandhi, but that’s partly because so few famous people are plotted on that graph. On a UK-specific graph, I’m apparently very close to someone named Simon Hughes but I can’t tell from the profiles I’ve found so far whether I’d consider that an accurate assessment. Maybe one of my British readers can help to enlighten me.