It’s an unusually dreary morning here at Cradle Mountain National Park, so it seemed like a good time to check out one of these Internet kiosks that seem to be everywhere. They have some glitches, which is why I get to type this a second time :-( but hopefully it’ll be good enough.

Sydney was hot, sunny and dry – a little too much so. We went to the Taronga Zoo and watched a very active platypus for about half an hour. A couple of days later we were in the Blue Mountains, which are actually more like mesas. On the way back from the very impressive Jenolan caves, we found that the road to our hotel had been closed by brush fires, so we had to spend the night at another place down the road. Fortunately the historic hotel with all of our stuff in it did not burn down, so everything worked out OK.

Hobart was extremely nice, with an active outdoor market and a reasonably-sized mountain right behind offering excellent views. On the way from there to Strahan (“strawn” to the locals) we stopped at Lake St. Claire and saw a platypus in the wild. It wasn’t really all that much to look at – just a couple of unremarkable-looking bumps on the water – but we were very excited nonetheless.

Yesterday we hiked the very scenic Dove Canyon track. If the weather shows any signs of being even part-way reasonable in the next couple of days we might actually hike Cradle Mountain itself.