“A rising tide lifts all boats” seems to be the new code for trickle-down economics. Besides the inability to distinguish between “some X is bad” and “all X is bad” (where X in this case is government regulation), Den Beste’s latest fallacy-fest makes me think of another saying: nobody can see the bodies until the tide goes out.

The amazing thing is that Den Beste starts with a sports analogy, but doesn’t follow through to see how an uneven playing field only benefits one side and referees are needed to make the game a worthwhile excercise for everyone. He has a background in engineering, yet fails to mention that feedback is usually something that needs to be damped down or eliminated altogether. He thinks that lemmings running off a cliff is a good model for how to run an economy. All that intellect, all that imagination…wasted in the service of a fundamentally flawed anti-ideology. How sad.