USA Today reports that, even though minorities are generally overrrepresented in the US military, the actual front-line forces are still pretty white. It’s one of those things where people see what they want to see. Right near the top of the story is this comment:

In a little-publicized trend, black recruits have gravitated toward non-combat jobs that provide marketable skills for post-military careers, while white soldiers are over-represented in front-line combat forces.

…and this…

“If anybody should be complaining about battlefield deaths, it is poor, rural whites,” says Charles Moskos, a military sociologist at Northwestern University in Illinois.

This makes it sound like the anomaly is a result of minority choice, and poor white folks are paying the price. However, another possible explanation lies buried near the end of the article:

The reasons for the racial divide are unclear, but several theories have emerged, including lingering racism in some quarters of the military

Racism? In elite military units? The ones that were last to admit blacks at all, and still don’t admit women? The ones where the prestige and pay scales are both higher? Yeah, I guess that should be the last explanation we should consider. Riiiiight.