It looks like I might have lost a bunch of content. I could swear I last backed up the site no later than the end of January, but I can’t find anything since September. I’ve also done some research regarding Featureprice. Every hosting-service review site is full of people who’ve been screwed over even worse than I have – sites down for weeks, billing problems, etc. I found at least three or four sites devoted solely to FeaturePrice horror stories, and a half dozen people actively trying to start a class-action lawsuit. There are rumors that FeaturePrice’s Austrian owner, Mr. Fathi Said, also owns some of the hosting-review sites that recommended FeaturePrice so highly. There are also indications that there was a change of management near the beginning of this year, which is about the same time the support tools and policies were changed (without notifying customers). The only guaranteed support response is now on a pay-per-incident basis, and support has apparently been outsourced to people in India whose capabilities are limited to changing the status on trouble tickets without actually taking any action.

At this point I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to get my DATA back. I rarely get so mad that I want to do physical violence, but right now I’d really like to punch Mr. Said in the face.