First, the geek theory. Everybody in the UNIX/Linux world has by now heard about SCO claiming bits of their copyrighted code have made their way into Linux. What if it’s not a case of SCO being the source and Linux being the destination? What if the code is held in common because they both got it from the same place (e.g. BSD)? The juiciest variant would be the one in which SCO themselves violated some license of copyright (e.g. GPL) in obtaining the code, but Linux has it fair and square. Thousand of open-source programmers and other SCO-haters would die laughing.

Now for the political theory. What if the reason we can find neither weapons of mass destruction nor evidence of their destruction is that they were sold, not recently but long ago, to a powerful neighbor or distant superpower? What if they show up not in Syria where they were moved in panic this year, but in Pakistan where they were sold a decade ago? Would that resolve the apparent “now you see them, now you don’t” conundrum?