It looks like the Loyalists have suddenly discovered the feelings of the grunts doing the fighting in Iraq, and have started screaming for those grunts to be brought home. Undoubtedly the screaming will get ever more strident until the administration “bows to popular pressure” and brings the troops home, leaving an Iraq with a shattered civic and political infrastructure to collapse into chaos and ruin. All according to plan. They’ll probably even use the withdrawal as an excuse for never finding the WMD. “We had to get out of there, we never had a proper chance to search.” Yeah, right.

What galls me is that this is why they shouldn’t have gone in the first place. We knew that Iraq would be a mess after we’d pummeled them, a humanitarian and geopolitical disaster in the making. We knew that the Bush administration wouldn’t have the patience to see the job through. They don’t want the situation to stabilize, and they don’t want to normalize relations with the locals. They want to make sure their hand-picked interim government can win the civil war (heaven forbid we should try to prevent one), then get our troops out and ready for the next neocon misadventure. This new-found respect for the members of the military and their families seems just a tad cynical and self-serving to me. Why weren’t their lives and well-being important three months ago, hmmmm?