A certain high-profile blogger who has always been and shall forever remain clueless recently wrote this:

Ignoring the entire question of ethics, the broad and long-term consequences of such an attack would be catastrophic for us. It would drastically change our relations with the rest of the world, for the worse. It is, for instance, one of the few things I can think of which would cause even our closest friends to turn against us. America would become an international pariah, a nation afflicted with the moral equivalent of leprosy.

What was he talking about? As it turns out, it was the nuclear saturation-bombing of North Korea. That’s what it takes before he considers the issue of world opinion with anything but scorn. In the case of the US invasion/occupation of Iraq for what turns out to be less than adequate reasons, he actively taunts those who treat world opinion as a valid concern, and yet now he uses that same concern as part of his argument.