As I mentioned here earlier, my Diamondback 1000ES (not 1100ES as I said earlier, and yes that is significant) stairclimber broke a few weeks ago. I finally got someone from Precision Fitness Equipment to come out and look at it on Tuesday, leading to a quick determination that it wasn’t fixable. The part that broke was part of the frame, you see, and fixing it would require some pretty hard-core welding. However, while the original three-year warranty on the machine has expired, the frame is covered by a lifetime warranty. We decided to contact Diamondback and see what we could do. When I say “we” I mean mostly PFE, by the way; they’ve pretty much done all of the work here.

Well, it turns out that they’re not the only ones. PFE just called to tell me that Diamondback is going to replace the entire unit for free. Not only that, but – since they don’t actually make the 1000ES any more – they’re going to ship me an 1100ES as the closest equivalent. That’s right, folks: I’m getting an upgrade. Furthermore, PFE is trying to work it out so delivery is free (piggybacked on other trips) as well.

I just have to say, I’m incredibly impressed by both Diamondback and PFE. Both have given the phrase “customer service” new meaning, and deserve high praise.