I made the mistake of getting involved in Yet Another SUV Debate over at Whistle Stopper. About the only thing I can say is that Bradsher was right when he said that SUV marketing is designed to appeal to people at a very primitive level. People almost literally fall in love with their monsters, and any perceived threat to their beloved provokes what any student of animal behavior (or even an amateur like me) can recognize as territorial aggression. Higher brain functions are not involved. The most ardent free-market advocate will happily ignore the way that the government has done everything the auto industry asks – from relaxed safety/emissions/mileage standards to insurance regulation to tax breaks and foreign-vehicle tariffs – to assist sales of these highly profitable items. It’s their territory, they must defend it even if they have to become major-league hypocrites to do so. People who own SUVs without feeling at least a small twinge of guilt over making others pay the price for their marketing-induced preference need to grow up and get civilized. Their parents and teachers failed.