On Friday I went snowboarding at Loon Mountain, on a trip organized by one of my coworkers. Thanks, Bruce! It was a little crowded, and I ran into a couple of jerks (once literally), but the trails were in decent shape and the weather was nice. I don’t think I did any double-diamond runs, but I did several singles without resorting to sideslipping all the way or stopping between turns. I was still the slowest person in our group, though. Half of them are there every week and I’ve only been out one other time in the past three years, so that’s to be expected. The important thing is that we all had fun and nobody got hurt.

On Saturday Cindy and I went down to Harvard Square for a fine dinner at Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage (you don’t get a line outside in February unless the burgers are really good) followed by a showing of Love’s Fowl – the story of Chicken Little, as Italian opera, with puppets. No, I didn’t make that up. Yes, it really is pretty good.