It looks like New Zealand is leading the way to curb the use of mercenaries in Iraq and elsewhere:

“This Bill should make New Zealanders think twice about chasing $1000-a-day jobs in Iraq; as should their local recruiting agents who could qualify to up to 14 years imprisonment,” said Mr Locke, the Green Party Spokesperson on Defence.

“If someone is carrying out a role usually associated with security guards or police, like the New Zealander who has been accompanying a BBC TV crew, they have no worries under this legislation. “However, the Bill now uses the term ‘take part in hostilities’, rather than ‘fighting’, which means that if a New Zealander is effectively supporting the US occupation by, say, guarding military facilities or convoys, they could be deemed to be a mercenary and be prosecuted upon their return.

BTW, “onya” is a down-under contraction for “good on you” and is a strong expression of approval. “Godzone” is a variant on “God’s own country” referring, of course, to New Zealand.