Our good friend den Beste actually admitted, in the context of discussing academic appointments and promotions, that

There is a tendency in all competitive systems for inequality to magnify

Does it not strike you as odd that he would make such an observation? No? Then consider the implications of that statement in the broader context of economic systems, where this same tendency leads to a non-meritocratic distribution of income and wealth and, over time, to the formation of semi-permanent boundaries between social classes. It doesn’t sound quite so much like an idea SdB or any other laissez-faire True Believer would like to consider for very long, does it? They still want us to believe the American Dream is real, that if somebody is rich it’s because they’re better and if somebody is poor it’s entirely their own fault, and therefore that there’s no justification for using tax money to re-level the playing field. I’m sure there’s some standard explanation of how this tendency toward increased inequality doesn’t apply in that context. I’m equally sure that the explanation involves at least one glaring logical flaw that’s papered over with yet another facile explanation for why an exception is justified, and so on ad nauseam. Proceeding from facts to conclusions is contrary to the interests of those who think they already know the answer and embrace or reject facts only according to their compatibility with the preexisting ideology.