A funny thing happened this morning. The health center where Cindy’s OB has an office happens to be right next door to where I work, so when she goes in for her weekly visits she usually stops by here to say hi. Well, it turned out this morning that I had a meeting at that time, so I asked the receptionist to give the conference room a buzz when Cindy came in. Sure enough, five minutes into the meeting the phone rings. I jump up as someone else answers it, and I’m half-way to the door already right when everyone else hears the receptionist asking for me. Then I go up to the front, collect Cindy, we talk for a few minutes, and she heads off to work. No big deal, right?

The funny part is, everyone thought from my reaction that it was the call. They were just about ready to start ordering flowers and signing cards when I came back in. Heh. I think I might do that a few more times.