I just happened to notice that I’m one of 345 sites hosted on this server (don’t ask how I noticed). That’s a mix of personal sites, community sites, commercial sites, etc. and seems to be pretty typical for a general purpose web host. Obviously the number of sites one can support per host depends on the CPU and I/O load they generate, but there are some hosts out there that put a thousand sites on one machine – up to 10K in extreme cases. At the other end of the scale, very few budget-to-midrange hosts limit themselves to fewer to 200, so for the low price I’m paying I can’t really complain.

It turns out that this qualifies as a pretty busy site. Out of those 345, it looks like I’m #6 for hits…way more than anything else that looks like a personal site. On the other hand, my busiest neighbor (a soap-opera fan site, in case you were wondering) seems to get about 50x the traffic that I do, so in that context I’m still a small fry. I guess I need to write more. ;-)