I see a lot of birds in a typical day. Work is especially good for that, since there’s a large undeveloped wetland area nearby bounded by 128, 4/225, Hanscom, and Hartwell. There are at least two herons who have been hanging around back there lately, at least one killdeer, and red-tailed hawks. Those are just the ones I notice. The catbirds and mockingbirds and red-winged blackbirds, the goldfinches and field sparrows and so on, are such a constant presence that I’d be surprised if I didn’t see or hear them back there.

Today, though, I saw a bird on the way to work that I haven’t seen for a long time…at least not upright and wearing its feathers. In the residential street running from the Minuteman National Historic Park to MIT’s Lincoln Labs, I saw a wild turkey. At first I thought it must be a lawn ornament or something, but it did move as I went past. It’s pretty amazing to see a bird like that – especially a flightless one – in an area that has been so thoroughly developed for so long.