Today’s Boston Globe was a bit of an eye-opener. Here’s what I found on the op-ed page of this supposed bastion of liberal journalism:

  • One cartoon poking fun at how un-democratic the Democratic convention is. I don’t actually mind this one, because the way the DNC convention has been handled has been practically guaranteed to offend every eastern Massachusetts resident of any ideology.
  • The other cartoon collecting just about every negative liberal stereotype in one drawing. Probably very funny to right-wingers who think that insulting people and laughing at their reactions is just the funniest thing in the world (i.e. Mallard Fillmore readers) but nobody else would consider it either amusing or insightful.
  • The most prominently placed editorial on the main page by Jeff Jacoby, accusing liberals of hate-mongering. This one’s a little ironic, since it’s usually the right complaining about the left being too quick to use the h-word. Here’s another h-word for Jacoby: hypocrite.

Maybe the Globe is letting their pique over the convention run away with them. They are, after all, more affected by it than those of us in the ‘burbs are (though being on the main entrance road to Hanscom AFB might prove to be a problem for Revivio if there’s any kind of security alert). At least for today, though, they’re still doing some pretty effective PR for the Republicans.

In a similar vein, Michele at A Small Victory rants about the New York Times, and then winds up with this:

Liberalism. It’s new elitism.

Uh, yeah, because the NYT unfailingly speaks for all liberals everywhere. I must be the only liberal out there who finds the NYT, its readers, and NYC in general more annoying than representative of my views or attitudes. And if you’ll believe that, there’s a bridge in New York that I’d like to sell you.