I invented a new term last night: google guru. Anybody who has spent any time reading weblogs or web forums has probably met bunches of these people. They’re the ones who have become a little better than average (which isn’t saying much) at finding information via Google, and think that makes them instant experts on every subject imaginable. You’ll find them trying to second-guess real lawyers about law, real doctors about medicine, real soldiers about fighting wars, real programmers about software, etc. What they don’t seem to realize is that real knowledge lies in understanding the connections between facts. That requires not just the facts (or factoids) available through search engines, but context and the logical skills to recognize valid vs. invalid connections. Often the necessary understanding only comes from experience, but on the net nobody knows you’re just a high school kid with a DSL connection. They’re not all as bad as Jonathan Lebed, but it’s still worth knowing that there’s a difference between Google and real expertise.