Warning: this post uses stronger than usual language. Somebody pressed one of my buttons.

Jacob T. Levy writes:

Relatedly, there’s something offensive in the “Take America back”/ “Let America be America again” stuff. It’s something I fully expect to keep hearing; it’s something I remember loathing about the first Clinton inauguration. It’s the necessary implication that Republicans, and Republican government, aren’t really American

You find it offensive? You loathe it? Well, too freakin’ bad! Democrats and other liberals get pretty bloody tired of being told their beliefs are un-American, un-patriotic, etc. We’ve been putting up with that crap for years, with hardly a peep of reproach from non-liberals amongst themselves, and now when we start to respond in kind such claims are a bad thing? I swear, sometimes I think an anti-liberal’s idea of a fair debate is one liberal lying bound and gagged on the floor while a half-dozen conservatives and libertarians take turns kicking him. I guess when that’s the only way you can hope to win, that’s what you call fair.