A few weels ago I bought a Canon Pixma iP1500 color printer so I could print out pictures of Amy. I printed some pictures on regular paper and was pretty impressed, but this weekend I got some actual photo paper and made some real 4×6″ prints. I’m no expert on such things, but I think the quality is amazing. The colors are just as bright as a regular photo, and I have to look really hard for specific signs that it’s digital. The few artifacts I can spot seem to have more to do with the three-megapixel camera’s capabilities than the printer’s. I was just telling Cindy last night that in general it would be interesting to compile a list of the advances in science and technology that have occurred just during our lifetimes, and this little baby would be a good example. When I graduated from high school this capability effectively didn’t exist at any size or price, but now for $50 I can have a device on the corner of my desk that can produce prints indistinguishable from professionally processed photos. I can re-crop and blur and sharpen and make all sorts of adjustments and whatever else to my heart’s content, and then print out results at a quality just as good as any of my older pictures from film. When you think about it that’s pretty amazing.