I seem to have solved my wireless problems for now. On Friday night I noticed that the wireless adapter in my laptop (“eowyn” the Averatec, as distinct from “deagol” the Fujitsu that Cindy uses) and began to suspect that at least part of the problem was that the adapter was in its death throes. It had been stepped on and cracked a long time ago, after all, so who knows what extra strain the antenna portion might have been under? Yesterday I stopped by a CompUSA on the way to BJ’s, initially intending to buy only a replacement adapter. I noticed, though, that they were having some really great deals on Netgear equipment. I’ve had good luck with Netgear in the past, so I looked a little closer. To make a long story short, I ended up getting a new Netgear 802.11g router/AP and two adapter cards for what will end up being a total of only $70 (after rebates). After installing the cards and new drivers (the 1.0 driver on the CD was over a year older than the current 2.7 version) everything that used to work seems to be working at least as well as before, plus the dead spot is gone. The whole setup is also a bit faster, which doesn’t matter too much since I rarely do large transfers inside the house; on those rare occasions it wouldn’t be a problem to walk over and plug into the wired network. The fact that the new AP/router seems to have more features than the old Linksys is more likely to be significant.