OK, last precisely because it’s not least, here’s the latest on Amy. No pictures this time; sorry. The latest milestone is that Amy has become far more adept at using her hands. A while back she discovered her (and other people’s) thumbs for sucking on. Now she seems to have figured them out for grasping as well. Sometimes this is reflected in her clinging, velcro-like, to the shirt of anyone who holds her. Another welcome development is that now, a pretty good percentage of the time, she’s able to pick up and reinsert her pacifier herself when it falls out instead of needing someone else to do it. Sometimes she even gets it the right way up. :) She doesn’t seem to mind if it’s upside-down, actually, though the slurping sounds that ensue can be a bit distracting for the rest of us. It might not sound like much to those who haven’t had kids, but it can be quite an impressive display of coordination for her age.

That’s really it for now. More later; back to work.