I can’t quite make up my mind about whether Bush was wired during the debates but, after seeing these and reading this, it’s clear that the president was wearing some sort of device. What? The only semi-credible alternative theory I’ve heard is that it’s some sort of medical device, but that raises a couple of new questions. What kind of medical device? Don’t the American people have a right to know about any medical condition the president has that would require such a device? After all, the health of the president does have a direct relationship to how well he can perform his job, and there’s ample precedent for it being treated as a legitimate issue. Also, the medical-device scenario doesn’t explain the president’s odd behavior – sudden pauses in the middle of sentences, responses that seem ill matched to what Kerry or the moderator was saying, and so on – nearly as well as the wireless-prompter scenario. The theory that he was getting help from off-stage during the debates is far from proven, but it’s the theory that best fits observable facts.