I finally broke down and got a video camera, so I could capture some of Amy’s unbelievable cuteness that just can’t be captured in a still picture. I’m still learning how to use it, and more importantly how to capture/edit/etc. on the computer, but here are a couple of clips to get started.

The first one is called “Hippo Butt” (231KB WMV or 831KB MPG). My mother (hi Mom!) bought Amy a floppy purple stuffed hippo, which I have dubbed the floppapotamus. It has a soft velvety texture and feet that make crinkly noises, both of which Amy enjoys, but her absolute favorite part – as with almost any toy – is the tag which in this case is situated toward the rear. This led to a rather odd moment when she was playing with it last weekend.

The second clip is called “Lizard Tongue” (587KB WMV with two examples or 453KB MPG with just one). Another of Amy’s little tricks lately has been to stick her tongue out in a very particular way. You’ll see what I mean if you watch the video.