The geek sites have been full recently of news about various BitTorrent sites being shut down by the MPAA, so I figure I’ll just add my two bits. I think the MPAA and similar organizations like the RIAA are just shooting themselves in the foot with such actions. Abstract concepts of property and ethics aside, it’s just bad business to alienate your customer base like this. It’s only a matter of time before “not a member of the the MPAA” becomes a marketing bonus for some independent movie house…then two, then ten, then sooner or later the MPAA becomes utterly irrelevant. Reality says that people want movie studios to concentrate on producing more and better fresh content, not on trying to wring every last penny of profit out of the content that’s already out there. If the movie industry doesn’t pay attention to reality, it’s to their own detriment. Markets abhor a vacuum. If a combination of ridiculous prices and legal threats makes obtaining content from MPAA members too unappealing, consumers will get their content somewhere else.