There’s an interesting post at Left2Right about market fundamentalism, containing many interesting points. One that it makes incidentally seemed most interesting.

Notice the right-wing complaint that crazed political correctness is silencing people on campuses and elsewhere, even costing them their jobs. True or false, it sure does depend on the view that you can find coercion outside the state. Your action isn’t voluntary if you had no reasonable alternatives, and it doesn’t take a law to deprive you of such alternatives.

Hmmm, yeah. Universities can act coercively, but no other kind of business can? Get real. Those who think “free” markets (“free” as in constructed and maintained by the government in a way that maximizes their freedom even if it’s at the expense of others) are perfect ways to distribute all kinds of goods, then turn around to criticize universities as bastions of bias and coercion, have a bit of explaining to do.