For all of those who claim the US is generous rather than stingy, and who make “convenient” claims that the obvious shortfall in public foreign aid is outweighed by private aid, consider this. When public and private foreign aid are added up, the US ($0.18 per person per day) falls below all but a handful of other countries – Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Australia and New Zealand. Those last two were pretty surprising, and dismaying to me personally as an admirer of both countries. At the top of the list is Norway, whose residents ($1.26/person/day or 7x the US figure despite similar per capita GDP) might be forgiven for perceiving the US as being a bit stingy. Maybe we’re not exactly evil uncaring ogres, but we could – and IMO should – do better.

And yes, I would be raising the average even if I moved to Norway. Any hostile comments from people who can’t say the same will be summarily deleted.