I’ve recently been involved in two discussions about the alleged problem of college professors being too liberal, and the move in Ohio to implement ideological affirmative action. The more tedious of the two discussions is on Whistle Stopper, while the more informative is on Left2Right. (Side note: why is it that the conversation on the unmoderated site is about 10x more mature than what one of the moderators on the other is putting forth?)

Here’s what just seems weird about the whole thing. Conservatives love to bray about self-reliance, and about how the government cannot be involved in anything without harming it. How is it, then, that they’re the ones trying to get the government involved in something they have heretofore left alone, to keep a few students’ feelings from being hurt? Is this really about diversity, or about trying to extend their current political power into other domains for its own sake? Bashing open one door (in academe) while slamming shut another (in Washington) seems to be the only “principle” involved here.