Yeah, I know it has been a while. Mostly it’s because I’ve been incredibly busy at work and exhausted when I’m home, but there’s not much to say about that. It’s life in a small company at a critical stage of its development (first product out the door). Instead of talking about me, let’s talk about Amy.

There are some new pictures, mostly of Amy, here. She’s still growing (approaching 20 pounds), still generally good-natured and happy and a joy to be around. She has two bottom teeth now, which she has – much to Cindy’s chagrin – started to use. She’s eating so-called solid food, and generally cooperates well. Adding plain yogurt to pears or banana might not seem that strange, but I don’t think “brocco-pea-gurt” will be appearing at your local grocery store any time soon. No matter; Amy seems to enjoy a bit of yogurt in just about everything. Cheerios also make her happy.

Amy’s not quite crawling yet, but she has developed some mobility going sideways and backward. This has made a significant difference in her ability to keep herself entertained without requiring parental help on a minute-by-minute basis (though obviously we still keep an eye on her). She can move from toy to toy, and she loves taking stuff out of her toy box herself. A couple of days ago she even picked up a block and quite deliberately handed it to me. It doesn’t sound like much but I thought it was pretty special.

In the speech department it’s still babble but with some new twists. She has learned to say “da-da” but doesn’t particularly associate the sound with me. She has also learned the idea that sounds have meaning; she quite clearly uses a “nga-nga-nga” kind of sound to denote negative or unhappy feelings. Her latest trick is whistling. Just today, she started pursing her lips while breathing through her mouth, and her rapid breathing created quite a distinct whistle. Maybe I’d better get a recording before she moves on to whatever’s next, because a lot of these things only seem to last a day or two.