Just for fun, I’ve been surfing from Linux instead of Windows for the last couple of days. Because I use Firefox as my primary browser, this results in little change except that I can’t use my Proxomitron filters on Linux. I’ve installed Privoxy instead, which mostly does the same thing but seems to be missing a couple of the filters I’ve become used to having. Therefore, I ported a few of my favorites from Proxomitron to Privoxy and present them here for others’ browsing pleasure.

FILTER: jd-target Disable certain kinds of popups.

FILTER: jd-shell Disable shell exploits.

FILTER: jd-on-click Disable onclick insanity.

FILTER: jd-on-unload Disable onunload insanity.

FILTER: jd-blur Disable popunders.

The first filter is actually similar to the “all-popups” filter, but it’s less specific in some ways (recognizes target names without an underscore) and more so in others (operates only within an anchor tag) so I prefer it and others might too. Note that I’ve had to replace left and right angle brackets with their corresponding HTML entity codes in the above, so you’ll have to undo that if you want the target/shell/blur filters to work.